Favorites, Projects, Resources, etc.
WMS Flash Class

First semester group project: Harry, Sandy and The Door of Doom

Work by Kelsey: Kelsey Morphs the Class

Dancing Figures: Simple, Complex, Singin' in the Rain

Work by Maureen: El Salon Mexico (booms, EH Solo v1, v2), 2004-2005

Flash examples and resources: Flashplayer.com, Audacity (music editor), Royalty-free music and sound effects, Freeplay music, Flash creations.


Maureen: One of the funniest Flash animations I've seen was a Christmas card with a singing Santa and raindeer.

Lilly: A funny animated story, "A Folky Tale", on homestarrunner.com, Attack of the Black Mages 5, and Final Fantasy A+, both on flashplayer.com.
Shankara: Potter Puppet Pals From http://www.ugoplayer.com/mostpopular/ Silly Harry Potter stories, told with puppets
Nicholas: Interactive Buddy (an example of ActionScript), Punk-o-matic (interactive punk rock band)
Ben: One Ring ( http://www.ugoplayer.com/mostpopular/ ) Animation with voice and titles
Denali: Music video to Comfort Eagle Lots of nice dancing patterns, some 3D effects