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About StoneSoup Consulting

Courses and Workshops

Field Guide courses, based on my book, A Field Guide to Digital Color, provide a broad overview of digital color topics. These can be customized to specific customer needs. First designed for SIGGRAPH '99, I gave updated versions in 2000, 2001 and 2002. Copies of my book can be provided either as part of the course fee, or at a discount for course participants.

Color in Information Display courses describe the blend of aesthetics, perception and engineering needed to create effective color. These can be customized for researchers, system designers or end users. First presented at SIGGRAPH 2004, this course was extensively updated and expanded for IEEE Visualization 2005 (slides and notes), then presented again at Vis2006 (slides and notes).

While most of my teaching to date has been in conference settings, I would be happy to provide in-house courses and workshops. These can be customized to the customer's needs, and combined with consulting

Color Design for Systems and Applications

Work with R&D teams to provide specifications, palettes, algorithms and sample implementations. My major client has Tableau Software, where my tasks included designing color palettes and color ramps and working with their design team to create new user-interface tools for manipulating color. I have also worked with Microsoft Corporation, helping to make their color encoding more friendly for colorblind users.

Color System Analysis and Specification

Help systems designers and expert users chart a path through the jungle of color calibration, specifications and standards. Color management based on ICC profiles is becoming a commodity, but understanding when and how to use it is still complicated, especially for non-commodity applications and systems.


I have over 25 years research experience, first at Xerox PARC and then as a consultant to the Stanford Interactive Workspaces project. I very much enjoy working with research teams in industry or academia. I can provide both specific expertise and help with overall research strategy.

Patents and Intellectual Property

I have worked as an expert witness, but prefer to help with establishing prior art. I have particular expertise with color management patents, based on my work at Xerox in the mid-1980's.